At Precision, we strive to provide the best client support possible. Our motto “We succeed when you succeed,” is at the core of our constant engagement and drive for improvement with each client.


Scott Trefz 

President / CEO & Founder

The company was founded and is led by Scott Trefz, President/CEO. Mr. Trefz holds a Masters Degree in Software Engineering from WVU and Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science / Business Management minor. He has 18 years’ experience providing information technology expertise to the telecommunication industry.

Client Solutions Team
Precision’s Client Solutions Team is responsible for day to day operations and client support. Every client has a dedicated Client Solutions Expert (CSE) to help manage projects and meet your operational goals. Their primary responsibilities is twofold.

First, they ensure that clients know how to use the system, help with any issues, and make sure all processing occurs as expected. These experts will help define and implement business processes to improve workflow, support data conversions, manage system customization, and will become an integral part of your team.

Second, this team provide high quality Project Management to help onboard new clients and manage all client driven projects including system migrations, integrations, and any customized development.

Software Engineering
Precision’s Software Engineering group is comprised of talented software engineers/developers that have been in the telecommunications industry for many years. We practice agile development and typically have a 4 week release cycle. This team is responsible for constant improvements of our platform as well as providing system integration / customization as driven by our clients business needs.

Network Operations
Our Network Operations group is tasked with ensuring that our data center is up 24×7, providing after hours support, ensuring backup and disaster recovery processes are in place, and generally keeping all systems running at peak performance.

Whenever I call with an issue Precision is there, every step of the way, helping us solve it regardless of whether it’s an issue with TBS.
Bobbie WolfeVp of operationsPROCOM